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I have long believed that a book's central message should come first and be given in a few words. Thus, the prologue summarizes what we can learn about preventing deadly conflict and terrorism from Sri Lanka's civil wars.

Chapter 21: How it Came to This - Learning from Sri Lanka's Civil Wars
Bewildered residents of conflict-wracked nations often ask themselves:

  • How could we have come to this?
  • What could we have done to prevent the conflict that has killed our family members and friends, devastated our lives, and destroyed what was being so painstakingly developed?
  • What can we learn and share from our experiences that may help others to avoid the path that we have trod?
  • How can we share lessons from our experience most powerfully and effectively?
This chapter and the one that follows provide answers.

Chapter 22: Preventing Deadly Conflict and Terrorism: Ten Imperatives
These ten imperatives for preventing deadly conflict and terrorism summarise what I have learned from studying - and from time to time experiencing - Sri Lanka's civil wars for more than seventeen years. Their relevance extends well beyond Sri Lanka - to Kosovo, Kashmir, Palestine, the Sudan, Afghanistan and now, in particular, to Iraq. They are relevant not only to conflict prevention, but also to post-conflict stabilisation.



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